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Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Good maintenance of roof and gutter areas will increase their life span. Our maintenance team can provide you with services which include:-

  • Cleaning down your roof surfaces removing moss lichen and other debris; we can also coat the roof surface with specialist products to minimise the re-growth of fungi on your roof surface. Damaged areas of roofs can be localised and cracks and leaks coated and repaired, blisters can be identified and treated, and a general overhaul of fixings, flashings and fillers can be carried out.
  • Roof light areas which have become old and fragile can be replaced with new energy efficient, man safe, fire resistant GRP roof lights. Existing roof lights can be cleaned down to maximise translucency and if necessary coated with a Delglaze to slow down natural ageing.
  • When it comes to gutter areas, often a major cause of disruption when leaks and blockages occur, our maintenance team can reduce problems by re-lining these gutter areas; offer different coating systems or simply clean out and test existing gutters, all of which will prevent consequential problems from arising.

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