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New Build Projects

Roofmaster have over 40 years experience in roofing and cladding for new build projects, often working with other trades to get the project completed on time and within budget. We can provide advice to assist at design stage if required, and are happy to offer alternative cladding solutions where suitable to help meet client budgets without compromising on performance.


We have vast experience within the industrial, commercial, fitness, leisure, retail, healthcare, aerospace and public sectors.


We can provide all equipment and plant machinery are on site to ensure that we are are self-sufficient. This include safety netting, scaffolding, MEWPs and cranes.


We work closely with other professionals and trades such as Architects, Engineers, Steelworkers and Glazing Contractors to ensure all projects run as smoothly as possible and any potential problems are resolved at the design stage, before the project commences. We have an in house AutoCad detailing service.


Our aim is to provide a first-class service from tender stage, right through to the completion of the site, liaising with the main contractor throughout the whole process, ensuring a seamless service.


If you’re looking for a cladding contractor to work with on a new-build project, or are still in the design stages, please get in touch with us to discuss it with our knowledgeable team?



Roofmaster offer refurbishment for all projects from oversheeting a roof, upgrading rooflights, cladding a building, repairing or replacing guttering.


If your building has an old or un-insulated roof, we can install a new roof system over the top using a bar and bracket system. This can be insulated to improve thermal efficiency or we install a composite insulated panel.

New Cladding

Cladding is a fantastic way to cover out-dated walls, and not only does it modernise the exterior of your building, it provides insulation which will cut down heat loss, and therefore your energy bills. There is a growing trend towards making buildings as energy efficient as possible to save costs and which also benefits the environment. If your building is already fitted with cladding, we can upgrade, update or refurbish the existing system.

Rooflights & Gutters

Replacing rooflights can transform an area internally and improve productivity as well as reducing your energy bills. Also rooflights are often the first component in a roof system to break down as they become porous and brittle and this makes them fragile and likely to crack.


An extension can be quick and cost-effective solution to create more space. We offer a great service by providing you with a number of options to suit your requirements, while keeping in line with building regulations and working well with other trades.

Maintenance & Repair


Maintenance and repairs are key to the prevention of larger issues and damage in future. Planning regular maintenance visits will give you complete peace of mind that your building is in good condition. We offer both planned maintenance and reactive maintenance and repairs where required.


Roofmaster can delivery on a variety of maintenance needs such as general surveys, rooflight treatment, gutter maintenance, end lap treatment, leak detection, replacing perished fixings and washers to keep your building weatherproof.


One benefit of continual maintenance is that everything will be up to date – having regular inspections and maintenance visits can end up saving you money – many repairs we do are as a result of neglect and can end up costing more than preventative maintenance which addresses issues early on before major damage has been done. Finally, it will provide you with peace of mind – we will get to know your building inside out, so if anything does go wrong, you will have a reliable third party to deal with issues who know the property as well as you do.


We can also help with all types of repairs such as roof leaks, damaged rooflights, wall cladding repairs and any sheet corrosion issues. Firstly, we’d need to visit the site to provide a thorough assessment of the works required and provide a photographic survey report and quotation.

We have a dedicated team specialising in small and general works who are able to respond quickly if you are in need of an urgent repair – these may occur after a storm or in an accident in the workplace.